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Facebook Update: Upload PNG Files!


That’s right. You can now upload .PNG files to Facebook for cover photos and profile photos on your Facebook page.

The Facebook Marketing page just outlined the update in a post, saying:

You can now upload PNGs for profile and cover photos on your Pages. Although PNGs have higher file sizes, they are higher quality, which means better images on your Pages.

Why is this important or post-worthy? Well, if you hadn’t noticed, many times an uploaded cover photo would appear grainy, blurry, or slightly distorted on a Facebook page. Even if you created a photo to the specific dimensions recommended by Facebook, there was still a chance it would appear “off” when viewed on the page.

This odd visual “artifacting” always bothered me, and hopefully this PNG update solves the issue! Facebook’s help docs make mention of the new PNG file upload, saying that it will provide a higher quality upload.

To get the best fastest load times for your Page, upload an sRGB JPG file that’s 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes. For a higher-quality image, use a PNG file.

I wonder if files that were previously uploaded as PNGs to Facebook will now demonstrate their truly higher image quality, or if we’ll have to re-upload cover photos, profile photos, etc. to get the benefit.

Edit 08-07-13: Facebook’s help docs now state: “For images with your logo or text content, you may get a higher quality result by using a PNG file.” Interesting.

Take-away Point: No matter what, just upload images as PNG files from now on when using Facebook.

Have you tried using the new feature? Does it automatically enhance existing PNGs on a Facebook page?

Author: Chris Richards

Chris Richards likes writing about technolgy, startups, and marketing. Follow him on Twitter @seerichards

11 thoughts on “Facebook Update: Upload PNG Files!

  1. I’ve noticed that it suddenly STOPPED allowing png files, yesterday. I wonder if they are having issues and temporarily disabled it.

  2. It’s Jan 16, 2013 and I just tried. It took a minute, but it’s working as of today. I successfully uploaded a PNG file to Facebook.

  3. Have tried it today, it allows you to upload PNG files but converts them to JPG…what kinda screwed up my Facebook Cover :<
    colors aren't half as bright as in the PNG version.

  4. I always resize my images to long side 960 and then save as PNG. Randomly some images are compressed and changed to JPEG once uploaded to FB. Is their any rhyme or reason behind this? I do the same thing for every image. And this is to my photography fan page.

  5. Bloody wankers also when you inbox PNG pics & try to re download them they are automatically changed to jpg!!

  6. The PNG files I use have a transparent background but when uploaded to facebook they come out with a white background. Is there any way to get the transparent background??

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